Autostadt and VW Museum

In October 2010 Scott and Gina of Scott’s VW Werks went to Wolfsburg, Germany and visited the Autostadt and the VW Museum.  We took many pictures at the Autostadt and VW Museum and have a sample of them below or you can view all of them on our Facebook Page – AutostadtVW Museum


The Autostadt is a theme park dedicated to the car brands that Volkswagen owns.



The main part that interested us was the ZeitHaus (Time House) that houses many restored cars.


ZeitHaus Top Level View

The first floor show the progression of the vehicle.

First Car

The earliest version of the VW Bug made in 1932.

Early model of the bug

The next one was done in 1936.

Early model of the Bug

Then the model of the bug that was actually released in 1938.

Early model of the bug - 1938

Here is the 1,000,000 bug to be produced in 1955.  It has rhinestones on the chrome trim,  bumpers, and running boards.

1 millionth bug made

Scott checking out the engine

VW Bus


Karma Ghia - 1974

VW Bug 1967

VWs at the Autostadt

VW Notch Back

Scirocco - 1976

Another interesting part of the Autostadt was the two car towers that stored the new cars that were waiting pickup by their new owners.  Everything was automated  – robots took the new cars to the towers and then placed them in the towers until they were picked up.  The robot then brought the new car down – so the cars didn’t have any miles on them when the new owner drove them home.

Inside the Car Tower

Car being delivered

You can actually ride up into a car tower.  See the video below.

Another highlight of the Autostadt was the tour of the Golf plant.  Unfortunately, you are not allowed to take pictures during the tour.

VW Factory

VW Museum

The VW Museum doesn’t look like a big thing from the outside – but once you get inside it is incredible.

VW Museum

Early Split Window Bug

Early Bug

Rows of VWs

Last VW Bug - 2003

Buses in the VW Museum

VW Pannel Bus

Split Window Bus

23 Window Bus

Notchback, Fastback and Squareback

Convertible Notchback

VW Bus

Ambulance Bus

1998 VW Bus

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