Vintage VW Show in Pueblo

Pueblo is going to have a vintage VW Car Show.  The show will be held at the Patriot Car Wash located at 1711 S. Pueblo Blvd. 81005.  There are spots for 95 cars.  It would be great if all were filled up.  I am trying to get some of the cars that we have built out there.

Air Cooled VW Beetle

Jim’s 62 Rag Top






Long time customer Jim will have his 62 rag top and his 69 Bus.

For more information contact Jason at 720-979-6699 or Abe at 719-568-3182. These guys have worked really hard to make this a fun event.

Hope to see you there!!!

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Which VW Poster Would You Pick?

After having great success with our first poster we are getting ready to release our next one .  But rather than using the one we thought was the best we want the VW Community to pick it.  After viewing many pictures from the 2012 Phoenix Bugorama show we have narrowed it down to two.

VW Deck Lids

VW Deck Lids Poster








Wolfsburg Emblem 

Wolfsburg VW Emblem Poster






Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment here or on our Facebook page.  Then keep checking back to see which one gets the most votes.

Don’t miss out on our first poster.  It is 11 x 17 for only $15.95 and that includes shipping and handeling with the United States?

VW Poster

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Custom VW Emblem Poster – $15.95

VW PosterWe have released a new custom VW poster.  This picture of a VW emblem up top of a VW bug was taken at the 2012 Phoenix Bugorama.  It is 11″ x 17″ and with a limited time introductory offer of $15.95.  This low price includes shipping in the United States.  Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are outside of the US and are interested in buying this VW emblem poster.

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Painter’s Grinding Spring Dub Roast – 2012

Today was Painter’s Grinding Spring Dub Roast in Denver.  I went up and picked up an engine.  I had to get back home before all the fun began.  I even missed the hotdogs.  Oh well.  I hope everyone had a good time.  Here are a few of the VW’s that came early.





















I was able to do a service call on a customer of mine in Colorado Springs, CO.  It’s nice to do two things in one trip.

If you want to see more car shows or whats going on at Scott’s VW Werks vist our Facebook Page.

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Bugorama – Phoenix, AZ – 2012

On Sunday March 25, 2012 Gina and I attended the Bugorama in Phoenix, AZ.  It’s been a while since I was at a show in Phoenix.  It was fun to see what Arizona has for VW’s.   We always like the rusted original look – so this VW cargo van captured our eye – but at a closer inspection – it was just painted to look it was faded and rusted.

The amount of detail that was put into the paint job was unreal – look at the rust running down the side!!

These two VW convertibles caught our attention.  The black and red combination looked really classy and you can never go wrong with the solid red with a white interior.  Nicely done.

We didn’t take a car to the show but our work was present.  Painter’s Grinding built the long block for this 1904cc engine.  Scott assembled it and installed front disc brakes and new rear drum brakes in the blue 1974 bug when the owners lived in Pueblo.  It was a nice treat to see it again.

Many VW owners do great body work and paint on their VWs but often don’t put as much effort into the interiors.  This orange bug is certainly not the case – very nice interior.

Buses, buses and more buses were there.  This blue split window was nicely done and the red 1970 bus is my favorite style of Bay Window and this one was very original.

This split window Single Cab was clever.

The Type 3s had a strong showing.

Here are just two of the many Ghias at the show.

I think there were more Things then I normally see at shows.

The weather was nice and warm; there were plentiful amount of cars to view. The Bugorama is still a good show and a fun time.  I was glad I could make it back after so many years.

These are just a small selection of pictures that I took at the show.  Visit the Bugorama albulm on our Facebook page to see all of the pictures.




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Airkewld Grand Opening

My wife Gina and I headed to Phoenix, AZ for the 2012 Bugorama.  We had many VW plans for the trip.  Saturday we started off with the Pomona in Phoenix Car show and swap meet.  We had heard there would be a VW section – no such luck.  We saw some Ghia parts and 3 or 4 VWs.  So after an hour or so we headed to the Grand Opening of Airkewld.  Airkewld has been a strong force in supplying high quality aircooled VW parts and has now expanded past just on-line sales to a full fledge store in Goodyear, AZ. 

We got there early and Pete gave us a personal tour of the store, garage, and new parts he is carrying in stock –I really like the six shooter clutch cable adjustment nut.  All of Pete’s parts are top notch.  His finished pans are really impressive.  I can’t wait for the type 3 parts.

The 17″ Smoothies are very nice.  These rims are very well built.  They look just like the original 15″ version.  You can see every part is on the wall and in stock.  I would love to be able to drive across town and pick up a front beam or a set of disc brakes.

As the Grand Opening progressed the people and VWs started flowing in.  I’d like to congratulate Pete and his crew on the grand opening and for a great looking store.

Visit our FaceBook Page  to see all of the pictures of the event.



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2012 Colorado VW Events

There are many fine  Colorado VW shows in 2012. 


 Dub Roast APRIL 14th  

Painter’s Grinding’s annual Spring Dub Roast is on April 14th 2012 from 12-3. They will raffle a 1600cc long block, $5 per ticket or 5 for $20. The long block is an $1800 value.  The best part of this get together is the free food, music, and bench racing.

Volkswagens on the Green May 20, 2012

VWs on the Green

Volkswagens on the Green will be held again at Jefferson County Fairgrounds on May 20, 2012.  This judged car show is only $10 to enter and free for spectator’s – you can’t beat that.  It offers door prizes, food, and VW vendors and of course many VWs to wonder through.

Type 3 Invasion June 21-24

Type 3 Invasion

New this year after a long break is a get together for Type 3 owners. The Type 3 Invasion will take place June 21-24 in Colorado Springs.  This is not a judged car show but a get together and several cruises.  The Type 3s will be coming from all over the US and will be at Palmer Park June 23rd and America the Beautiful Park June 24th.  Check out their website for more details –

Colorado Bug-In presented by NuVintage

NuVintage Bug In

The Colorado Bug-In will be held on July 29th at Bandimere Speed way in Morrison, CO.  This is probably the biggest Colorado Event and features the car show, drag racing, products, swap meet, and a bug push.  It is open to all VW’s, Audi’s, and VW-powered vehicles!

Have we missed a Colorado VW Event?  Post it on our FaceBook Page and we will get it added to our site.

You can also view pictures of VW Events we have attended on our FaceBook Page.

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Importance of Engine Tin

I had a bug come in that had stopped running.  The owner bought it a from a local car dealer a short time ago.  After I pulled the engine out, I discovered that the engine had over heated and blew a rod.  There was a small hole right below the oil cooler.

Hole in VW Engine

Hole in VW Engine

First thing that was apparent – the cylinder tin had been cut away over #1 piston.  Then the engine compartment was not totally sealed.  This led to the engine overheating.

Cut engine tin

Cut engine tin

Someone had put some time and money into it.  It had EMPI valve covers and a big merged exhaust.  Unfortunately the buyer of the bug was not familiar with the function of the engine compartment tin.    Luckily I had a good used engine for him.  I was able to get him up and running in no time.  I think it is irresponsible to do things like this, or it is a lack of knowledge.

New engine

New engine

I have another customer that has been running her baja with no cylinder tins.  This is unbelievable to me.  I thought for sure the engine would burn up in no time.  I suppose being a baja with the engine exposed is the only savior for the engine and keeping it cool.



So if you are new to working with VW engines  – The engine compartment, which includes the tinware surrounding the engine, is a closed system designed to keep air flowing around the oil cooler and cylinder and head fins. So cutting anything away or leaving off pieces will defeat this system and make the engine run hot. It is important that all of the tins is in place, in good condition, fits properly and will secured to obtain the closed system since Air-cooled VW engines run quite close to their heat limits to begin with, so the margin of safety is small.

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VW Classic – 2011

After the OCTO Show we went to the Crown Plaza Hotel to check in.  Soon after we got settled in the VW’s started showing up. Our room was on the fifth floor overlooking the parking lot. This gave us a great vantage point to see all the cars coming to park at the hotel.

Hotel Parking lot

Hotel Parking lot

VW Bug

VW Bug

VW Fire Bug

VW Fire Bug

VW Transporter

VW Transporter

It was fun getting a preview of the cars that we would see the next day at the show and chit chat with the owners.

VW Bus

VW Bus


VW Bus

VW Bus

VW Notchback

VW Notchback






It wasn’t long until the toy show started.  It was amazing how many people were attending.  After standing in line for a few minutes we pre-purchased our tickets for the Classic and then went in to look at the toys.

VW Toys

Example of VW Toys

Lot and lots of great collectables were in this somewhat small room.  The first person I recognized was Mrs. Berg.  I know she has a love of VW toys.  We looked at all of the tables.  It was fun to check out.

On our way out, I saw Rich Kimble from Hot VW’s magazine.  He is a longtime friend of a longtime friend of mine Jim.  I spoke to Rich for a few minutes and told him hi from Jim.  He was a nice guy.   Then I saw a guy I know from Colorado.  I saw Scott from the Pike Peak club in Colorado Springs.  He was lucky enough to have driven out to LA with a couple of other VW’s.

The kids were tired of looking at VW’s for the day.   They went swimming before dinner.  We have been in Los Angeles a number of times and we have a favorite restaurant we like to go to.  The restaurant is the Northwood’s Inn.  It’s over near Buena Park. Right on the 5 and Valley View.  It’s cool; it looks like an old log cabin with snow on the roof.  Really good food, the prices have gone up since we were there last, but oh well.

Sunday morning was the day of the Classic.

VW Classic 2011

VW Classic 2011

I wanted to get up early and get right to the show.  We did pretty well getting the kids all up and going by 9:00am.  Driving from the Crown Plaza to the show was no problem.   It was about 5 or 6 miles south on the 405.  Getting to the show we ended up with a pretty good parking place.  I wish we would have had a Volkswagen rental car, but we didn’t.  I parked the minivan as close as I could.  I waited for everyone to get shoes on and in the stroller.  Then I made my way to the swap meet and vender area.  Row after row of stuff!  I recognized some of the parts from the previous day at the OCTO Show.  It’s funny how you can remember a certain part and know where youhad seen it before.  It must have taken an hour and a half to go through all the booths.  Once again I didn’t find anything I didn’t already have or need.  That makes Gina happy.

We started looking at the show cars.  After the first row Gina made the comment, “That was a pretty nice row of VW’s”.  Pretty much all of the cars that have been in the Hot VW’s were in that first row.

VW Bug

VW Bug

VW Bug

VW Bug

VW Bug

VW Bug

The cars from the DKP Club were something else.  Big motors, Berg 5 speed transmissions, wow you name it, they had it.  Walking through the rows of VW’s gets overwhelming, especially for the kids!!  There was a Dove Blue Bus that caught my eye.

VW Bus

VW Bus

Then I saw a Ghia with lots of patina that had been clear coated.  I thought that was pretty unique too.

VW Ghia

VW Ghia

I don’t thing I got a picture of it, but I saw the Overhaulin Bus done by Chip Foose.  That was pretty impressive.  The Thing done by Pimp my ride was also on display.  It  was cool to see the cars that you have watched on TV.

VW Thing  done by Pimp My Ride

VW Thing done by Pimp My Ride

You can view all of the pictures on my Facebook Page.  They can explain a lot more than I can.

The other amazing thing I saw was the In-N-Out Burger semi.  That thing was a rolling restaurant.  Those people really know how to cater to a big crowd.  We all had a good time at the show.  Our next hotel was in Carlsbad so we headed back south.

The next day we found a nice local beach.  The sun finally broke through the clouds.  The kids had a fun time in the water and sand.  There was a playground nearby.  I was sitting watching the kids and looked across the street.  Parked there was an early 23 window bus.   It was fun to see one just being used for everyday use.  I rarely see a bus diving around town at home, much less an early 23 window.

VW 23 Window Bus

VW 23 Window Bus

After the beach we were off to finish our Southern California Vacation.

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VW Classic – 2011 – OCTO Pre-show

The family and I were in Southern California this past week.  Luckily our time coincided with the VW Classic in Irvine, CA.  This is one of the bigger VW events of the year.  Since we were staying at the host hotel for the classic, it allowed us time to go see some of the other features of the VW weekend.  The one thing I have wanted to see was the all bus event; OCTO Show.  The Orange County Transporter Organization (OCTO) puts on this show.  It is for 1967 or earlier buses.  The event was held at the Angles Stadium parking lot in Anaheim, CA on June 11, 2011.

When you are used to seeing one or two buses at a time like I am, you come to the OCTO show where there is row after row of early buses, it is quite a sight. I was really interested in what the swap meet had to offer.  I figured if I found anything, I would buy it and ship it home.  I didn’t find anything but it’s still fun to look.

Look at a the pictures of the show and you will see the variety of the buses that were there.   These are just some of the pictures that we took.  Visit our Facebookpage  to see all of them.

I hope to have my 67 bus ready for an OCTO show one day.

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