Bugorama – Phoenix, AZ – 2012

On Sunday March 25, 2012 Gina and I attended the Bugorama in Phoenix, AZ.  It’s been a while since I was at a show in Phoenix.  It was fun to see what Arizona has for VW’s.   We always like the rusted original look – so this VW cargo van captured our eye – but at a closer inspection – it was just painted to look it was faded and rusted.

The amount of detail that was put into the paint job was unreal – look at the rust running down the side!!

These two VW convertibles caught our attention.  The black and red combination looked really classy and you can never go wrong with the solid red with a white interior.  Nicely done.

We didn’t take a car to the show but our work was present.  Painter’s Grinding built the long block for this 1904cc engine.  Scott assembled it and installed front disc brakes and new rear drum brakes in the blue 1974 bug when the owners lived in Pueblo.  It was a nice treat to see it again.

Many VW owners do great body work and paint on their VWs but often don’t put as much effort into the interiors.  This orange bug is certainly not the case – very nice interior.

Buses, buses and more buses were there.  This blue split window was nicely done and the red 1970 bus is my favorite style of Bay Window and this one was very original.

This split window Single Cab was clever.

The Type 3s had a strong showing.

Here are just two of the many Ghias at the show.

I think there were more Things then I normally see at shows.

The weather was nice and warm; there were plentiful amount of cars to view. The Bugorama is still a good show and a fun time.  I was glad I could make it back after so many years.

These are just a small selection of pictures that I took at the show.  Visit the Bugorama albulm on our Facebook page to see all of the pictures.




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