VW Classic – 2011 – OCTO Pre-show

The family and I were in Southern California this past week.  Luckily our time coincided with the VW Classic in Irvine, CA.  This is one of the bigger VW events of the year.  Since we were staying at the host hotel for the classic, it allowed us time to go see some of the other features of the VW weekend.  The one thing I have wanted to see was the all bus event; OCTO Show.  The Orange County Transporter Organization (OCTO) puts on this show.  It is for 1967 or earlier buses.  The event was held at the Angles Stadium parking lot in Anaheim, CA on June 11, 2011.

When you are used to seeing one or two buses at a time like I am, you come to the OCTO show where there is row after row of early buses, it is quite a sight. I was really interested in what the swap meet had to offer.  I figured if I found anything, I would buy it and ship it home.  I didn’t find anything but it’s still fun to look.

Look at a the pictures of the show and you will see the variety of the buses that were there.   These are just some of the pictures that we took.  Visit our Facebookpage  to see all of them.

I hope to have my 67 bus ready for an OCTO show one day.

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