VW Bug matched back up to it’s title!!!

I had a strange thing happen the other day.

It all started about two years ago.  A friend and I went to look at four Beetles for sale.  They were all good builders with engines.  All in all they were in pretty good shape.  We bought the cars and one by one we trailered them back to my shop.    Once we got all the cars home the guy brought all the paperwork to us. The first title was checked out.  Everything matched.  Second title checked out.  Third title, no problem.  Fourth title, oops.  The numbers didn’t match the pan.  I said “Hey, what with this?”  The guy said that, these were all the titles he had.  We decided that we would deal with that problem another time.

Now, the other day another customer of mine came by the shop.  I have been helping him with his 65 bus for quite a while.  Mark comes in and says “I have been cleaning out my drawers at home and I came across this title of a Bug I never got.”  It seems he had traded a guy a motorcycle in return for a title and a bug.  He got the title but never went back to collect the bug.  Mark told me that he had done this transaction back in 1999.

The more Mark and I talked; I started to realize that we had dealt with the same guy.  Then it hit me.  Could this be the title of the car that I had purchased and got the wrong title for?  We took the paper out to the bug and looked at the numbers.  “Can you believe this!” I said.  They matched!

It was unbelievable.  Mark had this title in drawer for 10 years and just happened to be cleaning and didn’t throw it away.  Then he brings it to me just because he thought I might be able to use a title.  What are the chances of these two items coming back in contact with each other?  I compare this story with hitting the lottery.

Moral of the story…Don’t throw anything away.

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