Different view of a customer – 1971 VW Super Beetle

I have noticed while working on other people’s cars that the prior work has been bad and overpriced.  Nobody takes the time to do the job right, and they do just enough to get by and then charge an arm and a leg for it.  It’s a terrible shop practice.  It puts bad cars back on the road and it gives the owners a very bad feeling.   We all know these cars can be very nice or can be very poor real quick.  I like to fix them to the best standard that can be done.  I have yet to have any customer complain that I replaced too much or did a half assed job.  I don’t let cars leave my shop lacking something important or having inferior parts installed.

I just put a new engine into a 1971 Super Beetle that just had approximately $800 worth of work done to the front end.

It had been lowered and the new owners wanted it raised back up. I thought, “wow” at that cost everything on the front end should have been replace.   Well, I got the car up in the air and was in for a surprise.  Not one tie rod end had been replaced.

The ball joints were bad.  One boot on the left hand ball joint was tore.

It’s a Super beetle and not even the struts were replaced.

These struts look used, the brake lines were wet with brake fluid.  Really disappointed me, the previous mechanic should be ashamed of himself.  $800 bucks to put two used struts on a bug??? I guess if I would do work like that I could retire early  – but –  then not be able to sleep at night.

I guess I look at things differently.  I got into this to help people and keep the Volkswagen community alive and healthy.  I don’t think of customers as just customers or $ to be made….I like to think of them as a friend that I am helping.

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