VW Trip to the UK and Germany – Berlin to Wolfburg

We get to Berlin and are a little overwhelmed.  It’s always confusing the first time you walk into a different country.  Figuring out the signs and where there the bathrooms are is a priority. I am always interested to see the bathrooms of other countries.  First off we had to find the rental car place.  After a few anxious moments we figured out that the little sign with the car and the key on it meant “rental cars this way”.  We get to the counter and the man says  “We’ve upgraded your car and it comes with a GPS”.  This was a good thing since our  GPS was giving us problems!  We get the keys and head to the garage.  Knowing we are in the land of the finest automobiles on Earth, I couldn’t wait to see what we had been “upgraded” to.  As we are walking my mind is thinking, Mercedes, Porsche, BMW, Volkswagen…  We get to parking spot 293 and there sits a big, silver Mercedes!  Right on!  I whip out the keys and hit the unlock button for the trunk.  Click, click, nothing happens.  Kinda confused I try it again.  Nothing.  I look at the key chain, it says KIA.!?  KIA! KIA?  “Hey Gina this is the wrong car.”  Right spot, wrong car.  After a few more minutes we find our car a few spaces away.  I say “what an upgrade, what did we have before?  A skateboard???”  We squeeze into our KIA and start it up and here a nice voice say ”Gutentaug” .  Oh the GPS came on,  Ut-oh, it’s in German!  Well after a few more anxious minutes we discover the setting to switch the language from German to English.  Now with that out of the way we are ready to roll and start being tourists.

Check Point Charlie was the name given by the Western Allies to the best-known Berlin Wall crossing point between East Berlin and West Berlin during the Cold War.

Check Point Charlie - Berlin Germany

Check Point Charlie – Berlin Germany

Now at this location is an open air museum that has information about the history of the area.  The picture below is one of many at Check Point Charlie.  We thought this one was very unique because of the VW Rag top bug between the armed jeeps!

VW Beetle at Check Point Charlie

We saw the Brandenburg Gate, The Reichstag building (parliament of the German Empire),  several memorials for the Berlin Wall and Holocaust Victims.  That was all in one day.  The next day we got up and went to Museum Island and wondered through some of the grandest museums we had ever seen.   The bust of Queen Nefertari  is at the Neues Museum  – some say it is a fake but either way it was cool to see (you can’t take pictures of it now).  After we had museumed ourselves out we headed for Wolfsburg.  We were quite excited to have a go at the Autobahn.  It was about a two hour drive from Berlin through some the country side to get to Wolfsburg.

Drive between Berlin and Wolfsburg on the Autobahn

Drive between Berlin and Wolfsburg on the Autobahn

Drive between Berlin and Wolfsburg on the Autobahn

Everybody follows the rules – trucks on the far right lane,  slower traffic in the middle lane and the fast traffic on the left lane.  We had a few people pass us going pretty darn fast.  Since we had Kia and were not able to go so fast – although we did get to 105m/h –  once.

Drive from Berlin to Wolfburg on the Autobahn

Drive from Berlin to Wolfsburg on the Autobahn

We got to Wolfsburg  just at sunset and of course had to go find the Autostadt.

Wolfsburg and Autostadt sign

Wolfsburg and Autostadt sign – hard to get a clear picture while moving.

At night the  main Volkswagen pavilion along with the two car towers are lit up.

Autostadt at night

Autostadt at night

Car Towers at Autostadt at night

Car Towers at Autostadt at night

We couldn’t wait till the next day to actual be at the Autostadt and the VW factory.

Next time at the Autostadt.


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