One thing after another on the 1977 VW Camper

A 77 camper was brought in with a dropped valve seat on the #1 intake.

The first odd thing was that the engine was supposedly rebuilt just 7000 miles ago and it already lost a valve seat?   Anyway, when I got the tin off of the engine there were miller moths caked around the cylinders.

It was no big deal I had planned on cleaning up the engine but, I had never seen millers in an engine like that before.  Then I made the mistake of letting the owner get the new heads.  He had some old heads rebuilt by really good machine shop here in Pueblo, but the problem is the guy doesn’t like to do Volkswagen stuff.  But the owner of the camper knows the machinist and he did the heads as a “personal favor”.  This took almost 6 weeks for the heads to be done.    While waiting for the heads, I cleaned everything and resealed anything that could leak.  I ended up with more hours in it than I originally thought it would take.  Oh well you live and learn.  We spent a long time getting everything buttoned up and ready to run.  I turned the key and click, click…Nothing!  Checked the battery and it showed it was good but it had no charge.  Back to the parts store to get a battery.  Put the new battery in and it started up.


The good thing out of all this is that this bus is  back on the road and the owner is very happy with it.  He just had the seats redone with the original material.  It’s the black and green plaid pattern – not one of my favorites – but the seats really do look nice all new.

Seats newly recovered

If you are planning doing anything to a Type 4 motor just know it is more expensive.  Parts can be challenging to get, and the Type 4 has a lot more parts on it than the Type 1 does.

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