VW Swapping and the 62 bug repair is done

We have been very busy the past few weeks.  Guess that is a good thing.  Some travelers come by the shop.  They had a 77 bus that had thrown a rod and were looking for a Type 4 engine.  We happened to have one.  Scott was going to let them have it for $800 which he thought was a pretty good deal.  What would you expect a complete Type 4 motor to sell for? It was 2 guys and a girl. They were having trouble getting some cash together. So we let them camp out in front of the shop in the bus.   Adam came by and said we should get some of the project cars running so we could move them.  We’ve had this 83 Rabbit convertible for a few months.  Turned out the reason it wasn’t running was a loose fuse for the fuel pump.  Adam had it running in about 10 minutes.  He is amazing.  As soon as the kids heard that car running they got an idea.  Let’s trade Scott our bus for that rabbit.  Scott thought about it and agreed to the trade.  They condensed all their stuff and put the top down and were on their way to California or where ever the road ends for them.   We were  happy we  could help them out.  They were good kids and needed break.  Best of luck to them.

We got the yellow 62 bug done.  It hit a guard rail last winter and smashed the rear end.

We  replaced the rear apron, one rear finder, straightened out the deck lid, straightened out the frame, and got it all painted back up. 

Ryan working on the 62 bug

Scott’s youngest son Mikey helped on the job too.

Scott's youngest son Mikey helped too!

Matching the existing paint is always the trick so no one can tell it has had work done to it.  The finders were put on with new bolts and fender beading.  We always buy the good beading.  It always goes on without trimming and no hassle.  This is the first time we have used new bolts.  That really made things go well.

Jim had my red 63 bug while we were installing the new front end on his white 62.

1963 VW Bug

He is a master at cleaning and polishing cars.  You can’t believe how he made my 63 look.

1963 Bug after being detailed

1963 VW Bug Door Panel

Unreal, thanks Jim.

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