1962 VW Beetle Sunroof got an Airkewld Ultimate Beam

This week has been very busy.  Finally got the new Airkewld Ultimate Beam installed in Jim’s 62 VW Beetle sunroof.

62 VW Beetle

62 VW Beetle

Air Cooled VW Beetle

 Old VW Beetle Front End

VW Beetle Front End New

The quality of these beams is great.   It is a 2 inch narrowed beam with new torsion bars.  I went ahead and got the narrow sway bar.

VW Beetle Front End and Sway Bar

After I got the old one out, I felt the steering box and it was done,  so I ordered a new box.  When it came in I painted it and all the linkage.  A while back my buddy Adam and I installed new king and link pins, along with dropped spindles.

VW Beetle lowered spindle

That makes everything on the front end new!  Jim wants to leave the drum brakes for now.  I can’t believe how good everything looks and fits.  Pete at Airkewld has great stuff.  This 62 should ride and handle much better.  The spindles will allow the front to stay low but have more suspension travel.    Suspension travel equals better ride.  I will get the rest of the parts installed and get the oil changed and Jim will be ready for the summer.

62 VW Beetle

I had a 71 Super beetle in the shop.  It had the shakes really bad.  Found all 4 wheels were not straight.

71 VW Super Beetle

Adam re-mounted the tires on good wheels.  Then we checked the front end.  Found both control arm bushing were bad.  Adam replaced those along with the sway bar bushings.  Now the Super Beetle is shake free.

Adam is a veteran mechanic with 25 plus years of experience.  Together we make a good Volkswagen team.  He is always coming up with ideas or tools to make working on the cars easier and faster.  He owns a very cool 62 sunroof bug with an 1835 motor and a 1980 Westy.  We put 16” Audi wheels on it, it looks great!

Adam's VW Beetle

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2 Responses to 1962 VW Beetle Sunroof got an Airkewld Ultimate Beam

  1. Andreas(Andy) says:

    This was cool, I like the pictures which it’s show before and after. I wish I could see something like a short clip on how to install and removed. It’s been years since I have worked on VW’s.
    I am currently trying to find parts for my soon to be step-son’s ’76 Beetle. I am trying to find a quarter panel on the driver side.
    Anyways I just thought I sent you a short note because I think it’s cool and it’s nice to see something good happen to these bugs

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