Colorado Bug In 2010 Review

Sunday August 1st was the annual Bug In Volkswagen show here in Colorado.  It is held at Bandimere Speedway.  This is a cool venue as it is located at the base of the Rocky Mountains so not only do you get to look at cool cars you get a cool view as well.  Plus drag racing goes on all day allowing you to pop in out as you please.  There was a pretty good turnout as usual – this is probably Colorado’s biggest VW event. 

The swap meet had some good deals.  I bought a few things.  I found a pair of 70ish VW Bus front seats.  I like to have a few of those on hand.  Should have bought more stuff, but I am running out of room to store my stock of used and new parts at the shop. 

I am always impressed with the quality of cars that are being built and many of them done locally.  When you walk around the show you can really appreciate the work people are putting into their Volkswagen’s.  There are still split window Bugs popping up.  Where are these things coming from?  I’ve had a few old ones come through the shop, but that is getting rarer.  I seem to have a rash of type 4 buses and Supers needing work.  No problem with that, I just like to see some older ones once in a while.  Here are a few pictures from the show. 

Lowered VW Buses 

Lowered VW Buses 

Sweet VW Notchback 

Adam and his crew from Colorado Springs had a good showing. The Suicidal V- Dubbers are a good group. 

VW Bug from Pueblo 

Chad got some killer 17 inch wheels for his bug and it looks great. It was pretty wild that they all got a write up in the Hot VW’s magazine last month. I even got my picture in the magazine. 

VW Bug

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