1967 VW Beetle Convertible – Project Car

I listed a project car for sale.  I have had this 1967 Beetle convertible for a while and have decided to sell it.  The pan is done, with a new adjustable front beam new ball joints, etc.  The transmission is rebuilt and ready to go. The pan is fully painted and looks beautiful.  The body is in bear metal and has a few areas to finish welding and then ready for paint.  I have all the original body parts for it.  I even have the “67” deck lid.  It needs interior material and the top material.  I have all the glass and top mechanism.  I’d like to get $5000 for it.  I have been told the deck lid is pretty expensive by itself.  I’d like to finish myself but I also need the space for other things.   Respond to this blog if you are interested in it.

I need to invest in some air-conditioning for the shop area.  It’s been around 100 degrees the past few weeks and it gets hot in the shop.  At least I am sweating  and losing weight…ha ha ha.

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