1974 Pop-up VW Camper gets a new rear end




I surprised everyone that the back of the bus looks so good.  I took my time measuring and double checking things before I would make a cut.  Took a while but it turned out very nice.  I have the new clutch and a new 2 barrel carburetor for it.  That camper should run real well.  Be nice to see that bus back on the road.  It deserves to be saved.  Check out our website to see more in process pictures of the project. 

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  1. Andreas(Andy) says:

    That is very cool, I am looking forward to start doing something like that again and I miss working with metal and welding since I haven’t been able to do much since 2001 and I am not learning how to do paint touch up and soon want to be able to paint a whole vehicle.

    Thanks for the posting

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